Unique Approach
  1. Relationship
    ... believes that being with people is the key to having meaningful conversation.
  2. All about ONE
    All about ONE
    ...plans big by thinking small. If there is a large event, it is because many individuals are focused on another.
  3. Free Thinking
    Free Thinking
    Groups only work when people are open and honest. We want to hear differing views, anything which might point us to ultimate truth.
Our Story
Why we do, What we do
Many people wonder why we would spend our time getting in these types of discussions. We believe that there is nothing more valuable than being satisfied with an answer to life's 3 biggest questions: How did we get here? Why are we here? And where are we going?  Finding answers to these questions actually changes the "practical" way we live.  Yet, most people never take time to contemplate or discuss these issues.  We hope that in providing convenient locations, people will begin to engage in these thought provoking conversations.